elbigtacoman asked:

Hi Juby! I'm sorry to bother you but I wanted to ask you a question. I really enjoy your covers and I think that you're really cool and stuff! Also we're both from Texas so that's cool. Sorry if you already answered this but I wanted to know why you decided to start recording yourself singing and why specifically vocaloid covers?

Howdy friend!

Hmm every time I answer this I feel like I don’t give a good enough answer…

You see, it was a series of random events that happened on a whim one exceptionally boring Summer:

  • I loved singing but recently had come to hate it
  • I probably subconsciously wanted to prove something to myself
  • I impulsively bought a mic
  • I couldn’t find karaoke to the songs I wanted to try
  • I was really into Vocaloid which incidentally had tons of karaoke
  • I couldn’t sing Japanese well
  • I knew dubs existed but had no interest in them

Basically, by then, I was really just wanting to record something.


So I got the smart idea of doing a dub since the resources were there and I guess I thought “Well this isn’t half bad” and proceded to post it to YouTube. Now, you’ve gotta understand, I normally wouldn’t have done something so….daring. I really don’t have a clue why I did this but heck if it wasn’t exciting! I was seriously hooked and haven’t stopped since haha

Anonymous asked:

I know you are not a cosplay blog, but I just feel that I need a someone-who-I-admire-so-much's opinion. On the previous Halloween, I dressed up as a Scouting Legion from SNK (cosplaying for the first time). People told me that I shouldn't cosplay because of my body shape/color... I enjoy cosplaying... but I can't help worry.. Would it look better if I cosplayed characters that fit me better for the sake of the anime/manga community?

Hmm that reminds me of this comic I saw once

I know this comic’s gender specific, but it really applies to everyone male or female. Unless you’re wearing nothing but skin-colored tights and a pair of crocs, it’s really nobody else’s place to tell you what you can and can’t wear.

There are also two divides in you case. If you really like cosplaying and want to improve at it as a serious hobby, I think you should consider the character you choose based on your features. For example, if I were a short, tan-skinned girl, with darker features, I would be all over Naru from Eureka Seven AO! Oh or even Choi from Tamako Market or Amy from Gargantia- sorry, I got carried away. You can also discover the magic of foundation and hardcore makeup, but, again, getting carried away.

If it’s just something fun once in awhile you do for a convention or Halloween, then have fun with it and be anybody you want to be. That’s the point, isn’t it? Enjoy dressing up with friends and don’t give attention or even respond to negative comments. The “sake of the anime community” doesn’t exist because it’s a full of double standards and people who really shouldn’t have a say in the first place.

But those are just my two cents, decide for yourself!

Best wishes anon!

Anonymous asked:

Jubyyyyyy! I've been watching your videos for a good year and a half now, but I don't think I've ever said hi. Plus, I only got a Tumblr recently... I didn't realize that we seem to have the exact same fandoms in every way, though, wow. I get so much amusement from seeing all the different gifs from Naji no Asukara to My Little Monster. I wanted to ask when you got into anime and everything that came with it, though!

Oh hello! And welcome to tumblr!

I really can’t remember when I got into anime because it was always there. My siblings loved it, anime played along side cartoons in the mornings, and manga was easier to read than novels honestly haha.

It was part of my “normal” everyday so for a long time I didn’t think anything of it and literally brought stacks of manga to just read after tests or during breaks. Feet up, serious face, reeeeally intent on figuring out if he liked her like she liked him.

Damn, I was cool.

I even lent manga/anime/OSTs to other kids who were curious, and I guarantee they became fans. For life. I know. I see facebook.

shimodaasami asked:

Ahhh I don't even know why I'm seNDING THIS B UT I've just really admired you for a long time since you were one of the first dubbers I heard on youtube for Vocaloid when I joined the fandom and you've gotten so much better since I first followed you and you keep!!! improving ahHHHHHH so i just wanted to say thanks for being so hella rad and keep doing what you do B) (i ml ame im gONNA RUN AWAY NOW BYE--)

Oh woah how long have I been doing this stuff?

Thank you for continuing to follow me and being so nice like this